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      Erika Rocks

      This is my first time sharing a practice. I joined Fiddlehed last year, but only made it about halfway through the first module. Life happens sometimes. Anyway…I’m back at it and have committed to practicing for 100 days. Today marked Day 20, and I’ve completed the first module and have started the second.

      Today I reviewed the tunes learned in 1.1, worked on Freres Jacques, and started the call and response game in 1.2. I also started a notebook for my practice journal (I’ve found I prefer paper to typing).

      Plans for the week ahead: continue to practice drone tuning on D, call and response, and reviewing tunes I’ve learned (and maybe working on improving one each day). I’d also like to clean up my practice space (which is also my sewing and homeschooling space–so you can probably only imagine what it looks like!).

      Long-term practice: start video recoding. GULP. Join in for a group practice (but my laptop camera is faulty so…we’ll see about that).

      Have a great week!

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