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      jason kleinberg

      Here’s what I worked on this week:

      Scales & left-hand
      A, C Aeolian
      B, C Dorian scale
      Melodic Variation 1-2-3-1
      16-note scale
      Transitions from first to second finger while shifting
      Sliding intervals 4ths
      B Minor Pentatonic Scale
      Separate 1-Slur 3, Offset
      Slur 4
      Practice strategy
      Forwards and Backwards Chaining
      Tempo sandwich
      Kafi Raga
      Breton Gavotte – Kevin Burke set
      B, C aeolian
      Beaumont Rag (quick review)
      Water The Water (original)
      Speak Softly, Love in A, C, G sharp aeolian
      B Dorian fiddle story (original)
      O’Keefe’s Slide (quick review)
      Old Spinning Wheel

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