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Jocelyn Martens

Hey good folks,

John sent a video of him playing Frere Jacques via Youtube:

He asked for some feedback aswell.
Here’s a rough feedback video I made:

Main points:
Great technique you use, producing a nice sound
-Bowing skills are looking and sounding good
-fingerboard hand looks efficient
-Overall, your making great music with the fiddle

-Metronome practise – alternate with and without metronome – specifically for half notes (2 beat notes)
-Drone practise – target D1, E note on D string as well as A1, B note on A string – use drones for these to support getting a precise pitch – target the specific area in tune that has these notes, even utilize while practising single notes and scales, also try having drone playing throughout playing tune

Great sharing, John. Thanks for this 🎶