FiddleHed Mike asked “Often I see a note on the ‘F’ space for example, but in the tab it’s shown as D2, which is F#. Sometimes there is a sharp sign next to the note on the page, but often there is nothing. It’s keeping me awake at night … please help me sleep :)”

  • The Key Signature will tell you if the note is sharp or flat.
    • This makes the sheet music less cluttered so it’s easier to read.
    • In the example above, there is an F sharp and a C sharp in the signature.
    • So very time you see an F in the piece it is played as F sharp.
      • So the very first note of Dargason is F sharp (F#).
      • If you look at the second bar, the first and last notes are also F#.
      • The music is not cluttered with # symbols. Yay πŸ•ΊπŸΎ


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