FiddleHed Dena asked, “What makes a fiddler player an intermediate fiddle player? What is the criteria of information or skills to be considered an intermediate fiddler?”


Beginner’s mind

I’d start by saying to approach learning as a beginner, no matter how far along the journey you are.

  • Each time you begin a practice session you are a beginner. As you warm up, you move into more intermediate territory. When you play the very hardest thing for you, then you are an advanced player at that moment.
  • You can learn something new when each time you play a tune. Even the simplest tunes can teach you things throughout your fiddle journey.
  • Learn Some Easy Tunes!


Here are some signposts of an intermediate level player ☝️:

  • You’re comfortable with the basic finger positions: first, second, low second, and third fingerings.
  • You’re able to slur two or more notes together.
  • You know about thirty tunes by memory.
  • Here’s an overview of the Beginner course. If you can do the techniques on this page then you’re probably ready for the Intermediate course.

The journey is the destination

  • It’s a cliche, but a cliche for a reason.
  • Worry less about what level you’ve achieved and focus more on the quality of your practice.
    • Do you practice consistently (at least 20 minutes a day 6 days a week)?
    • Are your practice sessions enjoyable?
    • Are you able to focus?

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