Old-time, Bluegrass Reel in D Major
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Memorize either the lower or upper register chords before attempting to play the backup part below. I think the lower register fits a little better with the melody. Beginners might have a hard time with the lower register A major (G1D1) so I also give the upper register chords which are a bit easier. I play the hoedown rhythm on the play along track though you could also try long notes.

Chords used in this tune:

Lower register

D major: G1D0

G major: G0D0

A major: G1D1

Upper register

D major: D0A0

G major: D0A1

A major: D1A0

Start by reviewing the melody of the tune and then play each double stop separately.  After that, play two-chord progressions as laid out in the warm-ups below.

Also, try to practice the triads instead of the double stop chords. For example, D  |G could be practiced as:



D major scale

D   |G

D   |A

G   |A


First quarter: D    |D

Second quarter: D   |A

Third quarter: D    |D

Fourth quarter:  D  A |D


First quarter:  D   |A

Second quarter:  D   |A

Third quarter: D   |A

Fourth quarter:  D  A |D

Full Mix – Chords


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