Bluegrass reel in A dorian

Here is the second lesson on how to play Jerusalem Ridge by Bill Monroe. Take the first lessonย Jerusalem Ridge – Part 1



First half: A0-D3-1 1-L2-1-0 0-1-0-G3 G0-[2-3-2]-1

Second half: A0-D3-1 1-L2-1-0 0-1-0-G3 G0-[2-3-2]-1

D PART – easy version in first position

Notice that in the sheet music, there is a low part and a high part. Both are notated together. In Jerusalem Ridge Part 3, you’ll learn how to play this part in second position.

First phrase: D1-A0-0-D3-A0-1-L2

Second phrase: D1-3-A0-D3-3-AL2-0-D3-1-0-G3-D0

Third phrase: D1-A0-D1-1-A0-0 L2-0-1-L2-0-L2-D3-0

Fourth phrase: D1-1-1-0-G3-D0-1-0-G3-0-1

Fifth phrase: ย A0-L2-0-D3-1-0-1-3-1-0-G3-D0

Sixth phrase: D1-G3-D0-G3-1 [G4-3-2]-1

Jerusalem Ridge Sheet Music


If you are a more advanced fiddler, you may want to try another version of the D part in second position. Here’s a lesson on that:ย Jerusalem Ridge – Part 3.

Here’s the master Kenny Baker playing the tune:

Some things I mentioned in this lesson that you can learn more about:


Repeating Patterns in tunes

How Dorian Scales Work

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