Folk Song in D Major
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Wildwood Flower – Full Tabs, Audio & Sheet Music

To maximize your enjoyment, alternate between singing and playing the melody on fiddle.

I’ll twine ‘mid the ringlets
Of my raven black hair,
The lilies so pale
And the roses so fair,
The myrtle so bright
With an emerald hue,
And the pale aronatus
With eyes of bright blue.

These lyrics are pretty and then it gets a whole lot more depressing. But that’s why we play the fiddle, right? It’s a natural anti-depressant 🙂

Full Tabs

First quarter: (D2-3)-A0-1-3-D2-3-2-1-2-1-0

Second quarter: (D2-3)-A0-1-3-D2-3-2-1-2-1-0

Third quarter: (A0-3)-E1-1-0-A3-0-1-3-1-0

Fourth quarter: D2-2-1-2-A0-D2-1-2-1-0

Full play-along track

Jam mix – 60 bpm

Jam mix – multi-tempo

Sheet music video

Learn to intuitively read sheet music with this animated video. If you’re an absolute beginner, then I suggest you don’t worry about fo it for the moment.

This is here for continuing students who want to learn about sheet music. It’s part of the Note-Reading For Fiddlers course.

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