French Folk Song in D Major
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A part

First quarter: D0-1-2-0-D0-1-2-0

Second quarter: D2-3-A0-D2-3-A0

Third quarter: A0-1-0-D3-2-0-A0-1-0-D3-2-0

Fourth quarter: D0-G1-D0-D0-G1-D0

Basic Mix

Jam Mix

This alternates between the melody and fiddle chords (without vocal). Use the chord sections to practice the basic melody, vocals, chords, variations or improv.

Notice that each quarter is the same phrase repeated twice in a row. As much as possible, try to notice repetition when learning tunes.

Challenge: Once you learn this song well, try to start it on A0.

Sheet music video

This is here for continuing students who want to learn about sheet music. It’s part of the Note-Reading For Fiddlers course.

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