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      I haven’t paid much attention to listening to myself because why should I? I can hear myself play fine, what a dumb thing to do, right? So I decided to do a dumb thing and record myself. And how wrong was I?!! Playing back that first recording was an eye opener. I sounded awful!! No wonder my wife has taken to drink. I would have too if I had to listen to me! 🙂

      So, the moral of the story is, if you want to keep your partner, record your practicing! Keep your first recordings and periodically play them back, and you will hear how you are improving.

      PS I’m in the market for a deaf wife!

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      Oh you’re killing me…that’s frigging comical! ?

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      hah how true !!! fortunately my husband has gone deaf oh dear do you think it was my playing that did that!!!! recording is good for practice and for experience
      the other really great thing from Jason is to play to a drone – its AMAZING what a difference that makes

      Compliments of the festive season to you and the new deaf wife (when you get one!!) 🙂

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      jason kleinberg

      Richard, you may have stumbled upon a specialized niche as a couples counselor!

      If possible, try to use a better quality mic when recording yourself. It might not be as bad as you think. But still, when people start recording themselves it is usually quite painful. Just keep doing it and it will feel more natural. You’ll also have more awareness of your sound.

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      I got myself a “pedal looper” and hooked it to a sound board. With the foot switch I can immediately play back to myself up to five minutes of recording and play over it if need be and apply successive layers if I want. The fiddle is a different when it’s not under your chin. I use it to compare fiddles, bows and to hear myself. It’s brutal, humbling and unkind and really good for me. Also play very very slowly; it so instructive and it helps work up bow control. I also put all my current play along tracks on my Zoom2n recorder so I can load the looper and record myself playing along. Recording is so very helpful!

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