Dear You,

This humble website is an online syllabus to help you navigate the FiddleHed Youtube channel.

I've posted a lot of videos and will be posting a lot more and so I want to make it easy for you to approach learning in a systematic way.

I've organized the videos into beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels. there are video lessons on technique followed by a list of lessons on tunes that go with the technique you're working on.

For many of the tunes there is also a "play along track" which is your own personal backing band, consisting of fiddle, guitar or harp and a simple beat. this track will cycle a few times and on a few of the repetitions, the fiddle will be lower in volume so you hear more of what you are doing. later on the track will jump to a faster speed.

In addition to lessons on tunes and technique, there are lessons on practice. One of the best things you can do as a music student is to learn how to practice a tune in a fun and productive way.

But like a lot of things I show you in the videos, this syllabus is just a suggestion. Use this and the video lessons in any way that is useful to you. Find your own way. Try to just keep going, playing every day. Most important: HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!


Beginning course outline

Intermediate course outline

Advanced course outline

Sheet music - zip file

Play along tracks (mp3) - zip file

Tune cheat sheet


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ps: Out of all the lessons on tunes, variations, technique, etc., the most important thing you can learn is good practice. simply play every day in a fun and productive way. Loop small phrases, sing what you play, play things at different speeds, transpose phrases, parts and tunes to other strings & other scales. Listen a lot; listening is practice too. don’t hurry. Try to focus on making the sound as good as possible so you enjoy it.


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