Use this page to help you review things that need work or that you may be in danger of forgetting.


Last lesson completed

No Completed Lessons

Total course progress

This shows you all the modules you’ve completed in the main FiddleHed course (Modules 1.1-1.10, 2.1-2.9).


Total modules complete:


All completed lessons

Here’s a listing of all the core lessons you’ve completed in the main course (modules 1.1 to 2.9).

Some suggested ways to use this:

  • Every week or two, look this over and pick a few things to review. Write these things in the “Things I need to review” tab below.
  • See if you can remember the tunes on this list. If you can’t, then take note of this in the “Things I need to review” tab below.


Module 1.1

Module 1.2

Module 1.3

Module 1.4

Module 1.5

Module 1.6

Module 1.7

Module 1.8

Module 1.9

Module 1.10

Module 2.1

Module 2.2

Module 2.3

Module 2.4

Module 2.5

Module 2.6

Module 2.7

Module 2.8

Module 2.9

Things I need to review

All lessons

Here’s a listing of all core lessons in the course, listed by module. You’ll see a checkmark next to the lessons you’ve completed.

This will help you to see what lessons you may have skipped in a module.

  • Are you interested in a certain lesson you skipped?
    • Perhaps the answer is “Yes”.
      • Somehow this lesson slipped by, but now you want to take it.
    • Perhaps the answer is “No.”
      • It’s a tune or technique that you still don’t want to learn.


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