How to Use FiddleHed


1.1 Inner Peace and the Art of Bowing

Holding the Fiddle and Bow / Plucking / Bowing / Basic rhythms / Beginner Duets / Improving the Sound / String Crossing

How To Practice Fiddling

1.2 Lingering with Fingering

Fingering with Plucking / Fingering with Bowing / Adding Rhythms / How to Read Fiddle Tabs / Drone Practice

How To Play In Tune

1.3 One Small Giant Step for Mankind: The D Major Scale

D Major Scale / Intervals I / Adding Variation to Scales / Little Lift

1.4 More Scales, More Tunes, More Fun, More or Less

G Major Scale / Transposing / Intervals II

How To Learn Fiddle Tunes More Easily

1.5 A Major Step Forward

A Major Scale / How to Get a Good Sound / Pentatonic Scales / Tone-building on Tunes / Intervals III

1.6 Living in the Ear Now

The Slur / Singing and Playing / Intervals IV / Pedal Exercises I

1.7 The Power of the Low Second Finger

Low Second Finger / D and A Dorian Scales / Slur Three / Pedal Exercises II

1.8 The High Road and the Low Road

G Major Scale Higher Octave / Intervals  with Low and High Second Finger / Three Old Favorites in the Higher Octave

1.9 Trying Out Triads

Triads / Melodic Scale Variation I / Adding Slurs to Tunes

1.10 The Way of Fiddling

Melodic Scale Variation II / Adding Melodic Variation to Tunes /  How to Review


2.1 In the Pink

Learning the Fourth Finger / Separate One-Slur Three Bowing

2.2 Look Both Ways Before You Cross

Coordination and Dexterity Exercises / D Pentatonic Scale / Slur Across Strings / Melodic Scale Variation III

2.3 Double Down

Double Stops (playing two strings at once) / Playing Backup Chords / Melodic Scale Variation IV / Review Point

2.4 Gotta Love the Low First

Low First Finger / F Major Scale / Transposing Tunes to F / Double Stops II

2.5 Soldiering On

Fingering and String Crossing II / Double Stops III / I-IV-V Chord Progression  / B flat, Lower Octave / Melodic Scale Variation V / Singing and Playing

2.6 Gravy

Low Fourth Finger / B flat Major, Upper Octave / Playing Backup on Songs / Review Point

2.7 That Old-time Drone

Double Stop Scale / Adding Droning Double Stops to Tunes / Minor Triads / Double Stops IV / Chord Rhythms

2.8 Raise the Roof

Raised Third Finger / A Major Scale, Lower Octave / Double Stops V / Fingering and String Crossing III

2.9 Flying on Chromatic Pilot

Chromatic Scale / Syncopation / How to Build Chords / Big ‘ol Review


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