A step-by-step course on old-time fiddling

Welcome to the No Time Like Old-time course! The emphasis is getting the proper feel of the music and learning to add variation.

Instead of building the whole course in advance, I’m making it as I go and responding to your feedback. So let me know what you think in a comment. Thanks! And I hope you thoroughly enjoy these lessons.

The beginner lessons are available to all paid subscribers. The variation lessons are available to Ultimate subscribers. Thanks for your support.


Cross tuning  – coming soon


Basic versions are available to all paid members. Variation lessons are available to Ultimate subscribers.

Angeline The Baker – Beginner

Angeline The Baker – Basic

Angeline The Baker – VariationThis is available to all paid members.

Blackest Crow – Basic 

Blackest Crow – Variation

Cripple Creek – Basic

Cripple Creek Variation

Double File – Basic

Double File – Variation

Flop-eared Mule – Basic

Flop-eared Mule – Variation

Frosty Morning – Basic 

Frosty Morning – Variation

Ida Red – Basic

Ida Red – Variation

Magpie – Basic

Magpie – Variation

Oh Susannah – Sawmill Tuning  – coming soon

Shooting Creek – Basic Lesson

Shooting Creek – Intermediate

Soldier’s Joy – Basic Lesson

Soldier’s Joy – Intermediate

Twenty-eighth of January – Basic Lesson

Twenty-Eighth of January  – adding variation 

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star – Sawmill Tuning  – coming soon

For more Old-time tunes from the main course, go to the Bluegrass and Old-time Library.

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