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Learning chunks 


Review and practice these lessons:


Play a {key} note with a {key} drone. Allow your breath, body, and mind to relax. Listen to the blend of your fiddle with the drone, and enjoy the sound.

G drone

D drone

A drone

E drone

Next, warm up with the {scaleName} scale and phrases from the tune (once you’ve learned it) using the drone above.

{scale tabs}

Exercise 1

{sheet music & mp3 snippets}


Exercise 2

{sheet music & mp3 snippets}



Exercise 3

{sheet music & mp3 snippets}




Full sheet music

{full sheet music png}

{full sheet music pdf}

Sheet music video

Those of you who are learning to read sheet music can follow long with this video. It’s a way to intuitively learn this. Learn more here: Intuitive Note-Reading.

Take-home message


Practice tracking

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Further learning

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