Are you ready to begin your fiddle journey? After you sign up for the Trial Membership, I’ll ask some questions about your playing experience. Then I’ll send you some free lessons tailored to your current skill level, along with a free e-book.

A progressive, integrated course

  • Learn in small steps so that you have small wins every time you play
  • Carefully designed, step-by-step course to help you master techniques and then learn tunes that help you practice those techniques
  • Through 23 years of teaching fiddle lessons, I’ve come to understand the physical, emotional and practice challenges that my students face
  • Technique, tune and practice lessons are interconnected
  • New lessons added each week
  • FiddleHed is a dynamic course. I listen to student feedback and then refine the course by adding lessons and streamlining the learning flow

Incremental learning

I create “Learning Chunks” for each part of a tune,. These integrate tabs, sheet music snippets and play-along tracks so that it’s easy for you to learn the tunes you love:

First quarter: A1-2-3-E0-1-0-1-0-A3-1

With a Trial Membership you get:

  • Access to an introductory series of lessons, tailored to your skill level. After you sign up I’ll ask you a few questions to figure out your skill level. That way I’ll know the right lessons to send you.
  • Access to newly published lessons for one week.
  • A Little Guide To Becoming A Fiddler
    • This little e-book shows you everything you need to know to learn and practice music. 
    • Once you sign up for the membership, you’ll take an assessment survey, and then I’ll send over the book.

Yay! Sign up and then go fiddle with it…