👉 Here are some gear and instruments I recommend:





Violins 🎻

Cremona SV-800

This is a good violin for the price. I don’t own one but a student bought it and we were both impressed with the sound. You don’t want to get too cheap of a violin, or else it will be (even more) frustrating for you to learn.

Knilling 114VN Sebastian London

Fender FV-1

This is the electric violin I play. I use a Barbera twin hybrid transducer. 

Rosin 🌲


I currently use this classic rosin.

Magic Rosin

Very cool and fun rosins, created to be visually interesting.

Shoulder Rests 😴


This is a high tech shoulder rest. Especially recommended if you have back, neck or shoulder pain after playing.

Mach One

This is a more inexpensive shoulder rest that’s also good.

Tuners 💯


Books 📚

Fiddler’s Fakebookby David Brody

If you buy just one book, this is the one to get. I love it.

The Fiddle Book, by Marion Thede

A great book of old-time tunes and stories. It also is a great resource if you want to play in altered tunings.

The Celtic Fiddlerby Edward Huws Jones

I love this tune selection. It contains tunes from places you didn’t know had Clectic fiddling, like Brittany in France and Galicia in Spain.

Klezmer Collectionby Stacey Phillips

Mazeltov! If you like Klezmer tunes like Hava Negilah and Berdichiever Khosid, then check this out.

The Cajun Fiddle Tune Book, by Deborah Greenblatt

Another great book with a nice range of skill levels.

Software 💻

Amazing Slow Downer 




I use Reason to record the play-along tracks on the site.

Other fun instruments 🎹🎸

Q Chord 

I use this for backing tracks and just creating cool sounds.

Recommended listening

Here is a Youtube playlist of some songs that I teach:

Here is a similar Spotify playlist:

Here are some albums I highly recommend:

Portland – by Kevin Burke

I just love the way this album sounds. Nuff said.

The Lonesome Touch – by Martin Hayes

Listening to this album I realized that you can re-invent traditional music in beautiful new ways.

Folks, He Sure Do Pull Some Bow! – various artists

I’ve always wanted to name a band “Various Artists”

Anthology Of American Folk Music

This was a huge influence on me. It’s still refreshing to hear recordings in which the spirit of the performance is valued over perfected audio.