Here’s a mystery tune to help you learn to read sheet music.  It’s a familiar melody that you will figure out as you work through the snippets. The magical part is when you realize what tune it is and say “A-ha!”

Try to read each little part using the A part of the exercises below. Then use the B part to listen and see if you read it correctly.

After you’ve worked through the whole tune, you’ll see a tab for the full sheet music. See if you can read the whole tune.

After that, you’ll see a tab for the full tune audio. I suggest you wait on listening to that until you’ve done your best to figure what the mystery tune is with the snippets.

In this lesson, you will be doing something I call Intuitive Note Reading. even without knowing explicit rules, your brain will figure out how to read if it can correlate sheet music snippets with audio chunks.

Exercise 1a

Exercise 2a

Exercise 3a

Exercise 4a

Full sheet music



Full tune audio - Try to figure out the tune before listening to this!

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Mystery Tune revealed with sheet music pdf!

She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain

Sheet music downloads are available to paid users. Subscribe here. And thanks for your support. 🙏

Mystery tunes are a new thing I’m trying out as a fun way for you to learn note-reading. Please let me know in a comment if it’s helpful or if I could improve on this idea somehow.

Thanks for being a good student. It makes my job fun…

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