New Lesson post: Carol Of The Bells

Here is a lesson on Carol Of The Bells.


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3 responses to “New Lesson post: Carol Of The Bells

  1. Swallow Tail does have a close ring, too close, I felt, as you said. But fun to contrast the rhythms on such similar note runs. Rights of Man is beyond what I’ve tried so far, so that’s a nice challenge to start this weekend. Good timing I think and sounds better after Carol of the Bells. I also tried J’etais au Bal in between, different key and all but I thought a nice compliment. Festive and all.
    Happy holidays

  2. Hi Ya Jason,

    Love this Carol of the Bells lesson. Nice rhythmic suggestion. Thank you, and I will give it a try with Swallow Tail and Rights of Man.

    And a Very Merry EverydayMiss to you and yours,