New Lesson post: Breaking Up Christmas

Here is a lesson on Breaking Up Christmas.


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  1. Jason, I sort of thought you were kidding about the name of the song till I found it on Youtube. Then look, about min1:57 there’s young Luke
    Skywalker on second fiddle. Thanks for keeping the fiddling coming throughout the holidaze.
    Tommy Jarrell 1983 for inspiration (with Luke Skywalker)

    1. @blucy Round Peak is a variation in style within Old Time Music. It originated in the area around Round Peak, North Carolina and has a certain distinct sound. Musicians such as Charlie Lowe, Tommy Jarrell, and Fred Cockerham made this music popular in the twentieth century. Differing from other types of old-time, the banjo, with its syncopated rhythms made by drop thumbs and the melodic nature of noting, sets this technique apart from the other old time styles.

  2. Great, thank you MoonShadows. I think a field trip is in order now. I appreciate your information. I found videos of Tommy Jarrell and the younger one, Rhys Jones a lot of fun. So syncopation is a key feature? Still wondering what in particular I would hear that makes it different

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