My Weekly Practice Review – Jan. 9, 2022

Here’s a weekly review of what I practiced.


If you want to do your own review, use these questions as a guide. Write down your answers in a journal, word file, spreadsheet, or the new Practice Journal Feature on FiddleHed.

Questions for weekly review

  • How many minutes a day did you practice this week? How many days?
  • What tunes did you work on this week?
  • What techniques did you work on this week? (Scales, bowing, ear-training, etc.)
  • What went well?
  • What could use improvement?
  • What did you notice about the process of practice?
  • What things will you work on next week?

If you feel like it, post what you did on the Share Your Practice Forum.

How much did you practice?

  • I practiced every day, 30-120 minutes

What tunes did you work on this week?

  • Kafi Raga, I learned phrases from this lesson:

  • Cuckoo Bird

  • The Jazz Fiddler

  • Paddy Fahey’s
  • Improv, original pieces
    • Fiddle Journeys: I Knew That Would Happen
    • Improvise with another artist’s recording, Harmala: Fall – Rise

What techniques did you work on this week? (Scales, bowing, ear-training, etc.)

  • Minor Pentatonic Scales
  • Blues Scale with natural 7th
  • G Minor Pentatonic
    • Melodic Variation 1-2-3
  • G Dorian
    • Octave double stops scale
  • B Flat Dorian
    • Shifting up the neck to second position as needed
  • F Dorian and F minor pentatonic
    • trouble working out Melodic Variation 1-2-3-1 with Slur 3 pattern on pentatonic
    • Octave double stops scale
    • Higher positions
  • Melodic Variation 1-2-1 >> Mordents

What went well?

  • Figured out The Jazz Fiddler.
  • Updated the way I take notes on practice.

What could use improvement?

  • Flow on the jazz fiddler.
  • Play earlier in the day.
  • Take more breaks for the body.

What did you notice about the quality or process of practice?

  • Some days the quality was better than others
    • Last night I did 30m maintenance practice at 11:30pm.
    • My personal challenge is to carve out practice time during the day when I have more energy and clarity.
    • A student named Tara D. does 3-10 short sessions a day, some as short as 5 minutes. I’m going to try to break up all the computer work with
  • I made short recordings (less than one minute).
    • These are easier to listen to afterwards.
    • Listen to them
      • right away
      • weekly review
      • monthly review
    • Quicker feedback loop
    • Also some longer recordings to explore ideas.

What things will you work on next week?

  • Process
    • Short practice sessions during the day
  • Take another lesson on Kafi raga
  • Review
    • B Flat Dorian, B Flat Dorian
  • New
    • New Kafi lessons
    • Learn another blues fiddle tune by the Mississippi Sheiks: Still I’m Travelling On or Jake Leg Blues

I hope this inspires you to do your own weekly review. Let’s start strong in 2022!!!


PS: Let me know if there’s something I did that you really want to learn.

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  1. I practice when i get time, since i renewed for this year, i am starting as a beginner through all songs and lessons to learn as much as i can.
    I do not understand how to mark lessons as completed when i finish one. thank you for your concern.Mel Fowler.

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