• Mel Newton started the topic Medleys in the forum Practice Questions 6 months, 1 week ago

    When I practice sometimes I’m in the mood to flow to one tune to another. I’ve found I have combination of tunes that just beg to be medleys. Does anyone else have some favorite tunes they like to play together, or have examples of favorite medleys they listen to on records?

    I’ll start.

    My favorite medley to play is the old time tunes “Cold Frosty Morning” that continues as “West Virginia Girls.” I never play these two tunes as stand alones.

    • Yes, Melinda, I found that sometimes playing a song in a certain tune (key of D) starts me me on another in the same key. Lately, I am loving playing Ashokan Farewwell, with its harmony (sent to me by Deb).