Irish tune in B Flat Major

Here’s a basic lesson on how to play Lucy Farr’s. It’s a great melody if you’re learning the low first finger and the B Flat Major scale. I learned it off a Martin Hayes recording (embedded below under “other versions”). 

There’s a lot of repetition in the tune. This makes bit easy to pick up, but tricky to remember the subtle differences in the way things repeat.

I love this tune, and still play it a lot as a fiddle raga…


Let’s practice…

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Scale and drone


A part 

First quarter: AL1-L1 AL1-L2-A3-AL1-D3-DL2

Sheet music

Other versions

Here’s what I love about Martin Hayes: I get the feeling that he’s not trying to show us how good he is at the fiddle. He’s just channeling music from the source…and taking good care of it.


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