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      I’ve had a lazy Sunday morning and watching the first webinar. Good job JK. From a personal perspective I find practice as you have demonstrated is more important than learning tunes. Initially I tried to pick up tune after tune and that was a humongous failure. So now I like to practice the technical stuff the Fiddlehed way and concentrate on a couple of tunes until they sound semi decent. Again, Nice webinar Jaso’n.


      P.S. A 3pm PST webinar means an 11pm webinar in Scotland. How about a time slot a couple of hours earlier? 🙂

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      jason kleinberg

      Hey Richard,

      Glad you like the FH method.

      I’ll keep europeans in mind for the next one. I was originally going to do it sunday at 9. Maybe the sweet spot is a saturday or sunday at 11am??

      Did you take the survey about the webinar?

      Thanks for the feedback…

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