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      I find it to be incredibly useful to be able to skip back and replay and/or skip ahead to a later section of the video when learning new skills and tunes. This feature is available in some of the lessons and not others. I’d love to see the ability to skip and rewind featured across the platform.

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      I second this motion! I believe it has to do with how the videos are embedded in each page, there seems to be a format change that’s stopping Youtube play features. Jason, if you read this- it might be your most pressing bug. I, of course, could be biased- I pause and play your sections before moving on to the next phrase of a tune, so the ability to rewind and rewatch is very important for me- even though I know you have the fingering below. If you would like I can compile a list of pages that have playback issues so you can send it to whoever you have to help with troubleshooting. As is, I am skipping over several tutorials because of this issue.

      (I feel it is important to say that this site is still my prime spot and it seems to be taking off very well.)


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