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      Just did the lesson “la valse les jonglemonts ” Well done and easy to understand. Thank you. The only suggestion to make it shorter is don’t add the few seconds of pause and practice. I always do any ways. And I loop it when you say to loop it. Then I use the play along tracks and practice some more. The pause and practice video disrupts my concentration. Otherwise I don’t think you can shorten it as you teach very important points like playing the different rhythms of the d chord that will be used in that song. Those suggestions have helped my playing immensely. Good job.

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      jason kleinberg

      Hey Nettie,

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      Would you say the same thing about the other animations we use in the videos?

      I put them in to make the viewing experience more entertaining. One idea: when teaching the tune, I won’t use them. I’ll instead use them to break up long periods of talk. what do you think of that?


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      DearJason, you asked what i thought about the other video animations. You teach a wide range of people of different ages so i understand you have to try and use different techniques. Without telling my age, haha i will just say i prefer just a plain old lesson.? i’m sure the animations appeal to your younger students that are used to having to be entertained. I have no complaints though, i am thoroughly enjoying my online lessons. Thanks for making them available i know it is alot of work for you.

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