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      Jim Guinn

      For anyone who loves Old Time, I want to call your attention to a new movie called The Mountain Minor.

      The Mountain Minor is a fictional adaptation woven from the memories of writer and director, Dale Farmer. The movie is based on his family’s own experiences of migrating from the Appalachian mountains of eastern Kentucky across the river to southwestern Ohio. From the many stories and mountain music traditions of his grandparents, all of whom were Appalachian musicians and ballad singers, the movie spans five generations and brings to life the rich culture and music traditions which unified the generations. It is the story of many Appalachian families who built the backbone of this region and had such an important impact on American music culture.

      With over 25 old time tunes, ballads and gospel songs, this movie is a treasure trove that will have old timers delighting while introducing newcomers to this great American music.

      At present, the movie is being shown in community screenings, but just the other day, it has become available on DVD.

      If you would like to read more about the movie, I have a rather lengthy review on my website at: Fiddling for Older Folks – The Mountain Minor Movie Review.
      I have added a lot of pictures with the Official Trailer and few samples of the music.

      Here is the official trailer:

      The Mountain Minor Movie

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      Sounds like a good listen! Do you know if there are streaming options?

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      Jim Guinn

      Sorry, Blucy. Right now it is only out on CD, and the number of CDs is limited right now. If it does become available for streaming, I’ll post back.

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      The film is now available for streaming on amazon prime. The music played on it is some of the best I ever heard.

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