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      I am picking my fiddle back up after 26 years of being down. I am 50 years old. But hey, 50 is the new 30, right?!? I am excited to get back into it! I love bluegrass music! But I am also really getting into these jigs!!
      I am looking forward to working with Jason and getting my new fiddle groove back on! I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your great lessons. I took 3 years of lessons, my first teacher taught by music, and unfortunately passed away. My second teacher taught by ear. He took my training wheel off my fiddle my very first lesson. That saying, I am going to start without the training wheels.

      Any recommendations or suggestions are welcome!

      Here is to a fresh new start!!

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      welcome Teresa you will find Jasons tutorials very helpful hope you do well!!
      I didn’t even start till I was 52 so you have the edge on me !!

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      I’m glad to see others similar to me on here! I’m 60 and joined in April. I learned classical violin as a child and to play from reading music. I quit at 15 so I’ve missed many years, and then decided to try fiddle. After taking a few lessons (once a week) I felt discouraged until I found this site. Now I play every day. I’ve learned 26 new songs and they all stay in my body-memory because of the great teaching style here. At first I looked at the music but now I’m finding it much easier to remember a song if I do Jason’s lesson first…and then play with the play-along. It’s like having someone to play with and that makes so much difference for me! Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!!


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      Damn it Beth, after reading the first two posts I was about claim the oldest to pick up the fiddle badge but you beat me by a year. Mind you, when I picked up the fiddle it was for the first time ever. I agree with everything you say regards the boy’s teaching style. He’s dun good 🙂

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      Ha! I got y’all all beat, 68 years old here. I didn’t start playing until I was 38 years old, took lessons from a classical teacher, can read music but hit a plateau that I couldn’t push through, got frustrated, put it down for about 25 years, just picked it back up when I found Jason’s site in June! He is awesome, I love his teaching style and thoroughly enjoy playing again. Thanks Jason! And welcome aboard Beth!

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      Hell’s teeth, I’m starting to feel like a teenager here! 🙂

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      Jim Guinn

      I’m 62 and except for about a year of piano lessons when I was a teenager, I’ve never played an instrument. I’ve always wanted to play the fiddle; not sure why I never did, but better late than never, right. So, a couple of weeks ago I bought one and after researching online lessons, I joined Fiddlehed a few days ago. My main interest is early American and Old Time Fiddle music. Yesterday, I played the basic Bile ’em Cabbage Down. I’m making music!

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