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      Morning all! When I first fancied taking up the fiddle last summer, I listened to a girl called Katy Adelson & she really inspired me because she was largely self-taught and I love her playing & quirky nature. She does this fantastic version of Drunken Sailor which, being a Grade 1 piece, I thought, “I’ll give that a go!”. She mixes it in with Drowsy Maggie, which is a great fun tune, and then this other bit that sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it. Yesterday, I watched Peakfiddler (The Peak District, where he’s from, is just down the road from me) playing Tam Lin and realised, of course, that is what Katy slots into the middle of her Drunken Sailor! So, this morning, whilst waiting for the yeast to rise for my Hot Cross Buns, I hopped over to Fiddlehed to see if there was anything here … WOW! There are basic lessons, variation lessons, performances, of course there’s amazing pdf versions and broken down sections and pdf versions WITH the embellishments! I have to wait for 1.5 hours now for my dough to rise … guess what I’m going to be doing right after I wash the flour off my hands?! Thank you Jason for this great site, all these amazing resources, all your time, efforts and energy in making this such a lovely place to hangout and learn the fiddle! :-))) I just wanted to share the joy! What, or who, really inspires you to practise and play?

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