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      Specifically the rhythm in the song Carry Me Back To Virginia.

      I believe you said it generally follows your “Hoe-Down” pattern: “Long-short-short” with an accent starting on the first short. But I am unclear if that pattern repeats or does the accented note rotates through the count.

      So is it long-SHORT!-short, long-SHORT!-short, etc? ……Or is it more long-Short!-short, LONG!-short-short, long-short-SHORT!(some sort of skipping….or something else?

      I’ve watched your rhythm video, but I think I really am rhythm dyslexic. My only chance of following the beat at this point is to sing along with the song.


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      I have so many problems with this too! if I do the emphasis on the first short note it doesn’t sound right after about 2 or 3 times around, and if I keep on droning in the same pattern I find myself slipping into the same thing you mention… sort of pushing the emphasized note back a note, but by the time it would come around to the long note I stop and say… CRAP!

      Jason, You have been great with your site so far, but can you break down further what it is in the hoedown rhythm that we are going awry with? You break it down in a section of one of your videos, but I kept going over it and couldn’t find where I was messing up. I have since slid right over Hoedown… which is a shame, because a lot of the old Americana fiddle tunes I want to learn and play have that rhythmic quality and I can’t duplicate it for the life of me.


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      I’m struggling to find a back up chord rhythm for Half Mile Down. Don’t know where I’m going wrong, it sounds simple. I thought a hoe down/Nashville shuffle would work but it seems to go awry.

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