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      My bowing must be horrible, but even when I slow down and try to be careful, sometimes the string will sound very “metallic” especially when crossing from D to A string, and lots of bows produce squeaks, squawks and you should hear the high whistle (?) the E string produces all too often, but especially if I’m moving fast. UGH. I would try to blame the violin but I’m on the 3rd one and it’s obvious the problem is ME. I guess I need to be perfectly perpendicular and flat? But I see players all the time that slightly aren’t, and they sound fine… well I’ve only been at it about seven months, maybe this will pass – but if I don’t know exactly what causes it – and fix it – maybe not, eh?

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      Oh – every few days I forget something – and that is that I always have a practice mute on my violin because I live in a condo building and although everyone says they’ve never heard me, I like to make sure. Could this be the cause of (some at least?) weird sounds coming off my strings?

      “edit” must have timed out or I would have just added this to the above query… TAI for opinions.

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      Hi, I get that issue occasionally – don’t know but I am guessing it’s the angle of my bow. This is challenging but awesome fun!

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      Jim Guinn

      The mute should not be contributing to these sounds. The sounds are “beginneritis”. All us beginners suffer from this from one degree to another. This FiddleHed lesson is a good review on producing good sounds.

      The Four Elements of Good Sound

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