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      Brendan Rogers

      I am making progress with the fiddle but battle constantly with holding the violin stable in a way that allows me to finger the strings freely rather than grip it to stop it falling on the floor… Anybody have a magic bullet?

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      Jim Guinn

      Crazy Glue! But, seriously, there is no magic bullet. You have to find the right combination of chin and shoulder rests that fit you best. Do you have a violin shop anywhere near you? Perhaps they could be of help fitting you.

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      jason kleinberg

      I like the Bonmusica shoulder rest:

      This will help you to finger more easily.

      Best to you, and happy fiddling, jason

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      Jim Guinn

      I tried the Bonmusica, but didn’t like it. I wound up giving it away to another fiddler.

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      Thank you for suggesting the Bonmusica, Jason. I’d been considering purchasing one for quite a while, and after reading this I finally took the plunge about a month ago.

      It made an immediate improvement in my vibrato exercises since it allows for more freedom of movement in my hand. I have issues with back pain and it really helped eliminate pain while playing. I also notice that it enforces proper technique in holding the violin (at least as I had been instructed as a kid). It took a bit of customization out of the box, and then a little more tweaking. I may still do another minor tweak, but I’m giving myself a chance to get accustomed to it.

      The Bonmusica has made comfort, or rather discomfort, while playing a non-issue. It’s great. Thank you.

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      Jim Guinn

      Glad to hear the Bonmusica is helping! πŸ™‚

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      I just tried a LINND, LUNNA and am loving it. I was using a Viva La Musica Diamond because it is rather low. Both are adjustable. Shar used to allow you to order on trial, but you must get them back in 2 weeks or you own them. Southwest Strings is another place to look online.

      When I help others to get things fitting, I notice I am changing the angle across the fiddle to achieve a better fit. Sometimes we forget about this additional adaptation.

      If things slide I have seen people use that rubbery stuff that keeps rugs from sliding or the smaller version used in kitchen cabinets.

      My old teacher had me roll up a kitchen towel, wrap with rubber bands and then use a rubber band across the back of the fiddle to secure it.

      And one more idea – some people use a pad under their shirt to keep the rest from digging in.

      As was said here earlier . . . trial and error.

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      Joey B

      Do you have a long neck? I have found that I need an extra tall chin rest for my long neck. Once I did that, I was comfortable with several different shoulder rests. So far, my favorite chin rest is the Wave I. It is pricey, but he has a 30 day money back guarantee.
      As for shoulder rests, so far I like the Wolf Secondo the most. My second favorite is the Kun Super. But I am still experimenting till I find the “one”. I tried the Bon Musica. I think it works well if you like the chin rest on the left side, but if you prefer it in the middle, the Bon Musica is too far over the shoulder to be comfortable to me.
      Tomorrow, my Wittner Augsburg arrives. I will try it for a few days and let you guys know if I like it better than the Wave I.

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