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      Jason and Company,

      So despite playing for a little over a year I decided to take your lessons from the beginning(ish). I started at 1.3 and found it to be solidly made. The course outlines for the future lessons seem equally solid, so you have done a great job in organizing for a students “first year” on your site.

      Today I went on to 1.4, because I felt it was time. I ran into confusion right away. You have the G major scale lesson with variations, but no explanation of WHAT the G major scale is, how it differs from the D major previously learned, and no video. Now, it is easy for me, because I’ve already got G major down- but if someone coming fresh into your site tried to go into this- would they know the differences between this new scale and the D major they learned before? If you have the time and motivation I think a primer video of <10 minutes would go a long way to help. If not (or in addition to) a finger chart of the FULL scale would work wonders. I can make this and send it along to you, though it won’t have the same aesthetic as your site does, but it is something.

      I hope you don’t mind that I am going through and giving this site a shakedown. It has a TON of potential and I want to make it the best it can be.



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