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      Jason, just wondering if you have ever done a short video on the proper way to rosin up the bow? Not sure about how often you should rosin up or if I am even doing it correctly. Can you get too much rosin? Is squeaky e string notes a sign that I need to rosin, or just an improper technique on bowing? Thanks in advance! Bob Wolfe

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      hi Bob Good question — Ive often wondered that about the squeaky e string too

      looking forward to Jason’s reply

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      jason kleinberg

      This is something you need to develop a bit of a feel for. Your bow, the way you play, how much you play, the temperature can effect what goes on between your bow and your violin strings. Not all people have the same rosin routine. You don’t want a build up of rosin on the strings but you want enough for the friction to occur between the violin and bow strings. If you feel the bow slipping, sliding, skating, (people use different words to describe the feeling) apply a little rosin. Some people wipe down the violin strings and instrument after they play to help prevent a buildup. They only apply the rosin when they feel the slipping of the bow.

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      Thanks Jason, I just ordered, from Amazon, the strings and rosin you recommended. I hope that helps, I have noticed the slipping, often it is because I did not draw the bow straight across the strings, but sometimes it just doesn’t ‘grab’ the way it should. Hoping the new rosin will help in this matter.

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      I rosin my bow every day before playing. Yeah, I get rosin on my strings and violin. But I just clean it off every day.

      If the rosin is really building up on the strings, I use an old sterling silver ring to kind of scrap it off. The silver is softer than the strings so it doesn’t damage them. This is a trick my old German violin teacher showed me.

      It is really a preference thing.

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