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      Hey all. I really struggle with timing. I’ve been playing with drumbeats and counting to myself to work on this, but I’ve found that I’m sort of pulsing the bow when it’s held for a quarter note or more. So, I’m mentally counting 1and2and3and4and to myself while I play. My timing is improved but I can’t think in eighth notes and play quarter and half notes without putting that rhythm into my bowing. I hope that makes sense! The pulsing is due to a slight variation in pressure. I know I’m doing it, but if I try to not do it, I lose the timing! I don’t know how I can ever learn to focus on timing, tone, and intonation all at once! Anyway, that was mostly me venting, but I would greatly appreciate some ideas about how others improve their timing. Thanks!

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      jason kleinberg

      Hi @megan. To improve your timing, focus on playing quarter notes on open strings with a beat. Pause every once in a while to just listen to the beat. Make the beat loud and feel it in your body. Then try eighth notes. Next, just listen to half notes with a beat. If you can hear it, you can do it. Also, try to PLUCK longer notes with a beat. You’ll get this, don’t give up…

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