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      Just had my best bow rehaired and this has me thinking of the bow. I don’t know if this is normal or a product of the fact that I am left handed. I have started to realize that there is a bow. Sounds odd but to this point I have been focused on the fiddle but now I am starting to get that I have a right hand. My other bows are heavier than my Coda Bow Aspire. I find that with a heavier bow that they have some inertia which to this point has made them easier to control in some ways. The Coda Bow is lighter and I am seeing that it is both more supple and alive and at the same time harder to control and I am starting to feel the string, if that is a thing. I also notice that my instrument wants pressure on the string which I didn’t do with a heavier bow. Should the bow simply “float” on the string or should a note require some pressure. I’m wondering if this is normal or if I am in the weeds (lost).

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      Interesting post! Most of the old timers I play with, jsut let the bow rest on the strings and don’t figure much on pressure. Personally, I WAS applying pressure when I began but as the months have gone by, I’m focusing more on other techniques like the rhythm in my arm (I”m also a lefty by the way!) and not slurring so much.

      All that being said, I think just go with your gut and let the music tell you what it needs. If its a tad bit of pressure, do that for a while and see how it sits with you!

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