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      A thread like this is long overdue!

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Jason and Joel for today’s “Joel and Jason Livestream” concert. It was fantastic! I loved the music, artistry, and original tunes.

      You are so humble in your lesson presentations. It was a treat and an inspiration to see your fine fiddle skills on display today showcasing so many techniques: effortless shifting between positions, singing while playing, lovely tone, fluid runs, and clever fiddling around. Not to mention guitar playing, too. I watched it through and couldn’t stop, watched it all over again from the beginning!

      The audio quality was also spectacular: the best sound I’ve heard during any pandemic livestream. It was better by far than the professional four-day virtual music festival I attended this summer.

      So, are you going to teach us Twist Away? Your performance of this was so beautiful. Would also enjoy learning the penultimate Larry Walters Hornpipe. And I love the clever lyric, “neon is a Noble gas”.

      Stumbling upon FiddleHed and your superlative teaching abilities plus your words of wisdom and encouragement has been a profound experience for me.

      Thank you.

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      jason kleinberg

      Hi Carolyn,

      Very kind of you to say all this, thanks 🙏.

      I would like to do a lesson on the Larry Walters hornpipe! Every year I update the Irish fiddle Journee’s course with new lessons in March. I don’t wanna make any promises, but I would love to add this horn pipe.


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