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      Gretchen Stokes

      Hi all-
      I just broke mu left collarbone and am out of work and etc for a while- so a perfect time to fiddle!- except not, right? I can’t hold the fiddle but wondering if practicing (one handed) scales on a keyboard could be useful? Or maybe the community has ideas- listening exercises, idk?

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      Maybe you can hold the violin “guitar style” and pluck the strings. Can you use your left hand at all? This way you can work on fingering and tunes. Using a keyboard will help you to learn to hear pitches and rhythms. You can memorize tunes from a keyboard too. You will be practicing everything but muscle memory on the fiddle.

      Reading the “Peak” book is something I’d like to fit into my schedule. Also sometimes I search to hear all the different ways a tune can be played. Happy healing.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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