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      Jim Guinn

      Today, I did a stupid thing. I was looking at my violin and it looked as if the bridge under the E string was leaning ever so slightly. Rather than holding the bridge on both sides to make the adjustment, I tried to just move the E string side just a hair. I don’t know what happened, but the bridge fell faster than you go down when you slip on ice.

      I guess once that happened, I should have loosened the strings to put the bridge back up, but I didn’t. That gave me my first scratch on my violin. (It feels worse than a scratch on a brand new car.) With the bridge back in place, I then picked up the violin and heard the rattle…my sound post had fallen over.

      At least I know enough not to try and fix that myself. We have a violin shop in town, but they are closed Sundays and Mondays. They have another shop about 50 miles away that has “by appointment only” hours on Sunday and Monday. I called and left a message to see if I could just bring my violin into the local shop on Tuesday morning or did I need to make an appointment there first.

      Within 5 minutes the owner called me back and told me not to worry, I could bring my violin into the local shop Tuesday morning and he would take care of it for me. He was very reassuring. He must have heard the disgust and disappointment in my voice. I can’t believe how out of sorts I feel over this.

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      Awww – glad the local shop was so reassuring about it. This is basically why I refuse to get rid of my first violin, that I got off amazon for peanuts – it’s electric and if I screw up my “good one” I can always practice on the electric in a pinch. Going without would just STRESS ME!

      I’m a bit surprised how easy your sound post went down… ouch.

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      Jim Guinn

      The sound post went down so easy because I collapsed the bridge taking all the pressure off the sound post. I eventually will get a 2nd fiddle. I was supposed to get one the other day when I won Jason’s contest, but it wasn’t in the stars for me! 🙂 I have my eye on a few fiddles, but I have to do a little saving to buy one…and, get a little better! 😮

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