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      Mel Newton

      When I practice sometimes I’m in the mood to flow to one tune to another. I’ve found I have combination of tunes that just beg to be medleys. Does anyone else have some favorite tunes they like to play together, or have examples of favorite medleys they listen to on records?

      I’ll start.

      My favorite medley to play is the old time tunes “Cold Frosty Morning” that continues as “West Virginia Girls.” I never play these two tunes as stand alones.

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      Nick Wilkins

      Hi Mel

      I’m not at the medley stage yet, but what I have started doing is to run different versions of the same tune into each other; I’m doing that with Old Joe Clark and also with Hector the Hero at the moment [not wholly successfully yet, with either, but I’ll get there].

      One of the lovely things about fiddle is that there are so many ways of playing the same tune. I can’t wait until I’m at the point where I can put an English spin on some of those Old Timey songs! [Can you imagine! It’s making me laugh just to think of it] πŸ˜‰

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      Joanne Iles

      I play O’Keefe’s with Lisdonverna which is a bit obvious I guess but so much that I now frequently get the B parts muddled but they sound pretty interchangeable. I heard Jason play Irish Washerwoman with Swallowtail & they go well together. I find it really helps to just set a metronome beat & then see what happens! There are some great tracks on the Beat Central page!

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      I’m kind of “meh” on medleys. They are ok, but when I’m in the mood for a tune, I want to play THAT tune. If I feel led to another, I just move into it, but not ins the sense of ‘connecting’ them.
      I play with a friend who has played a certain set of ‘D’ tunes as a medley that he can’t help moving into them one after another. I never feel like I get a chance to explore one very well before ZIP! Oh! I guess we are playing Liberty now! Whoops! Now it’s St. Anne’s Reel!

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