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      Thanks Jason et al for all the wonderful lessons. I’m making my way through them and finally keeping a handwritten practice journal, so have noted just a few little things that caused me confusion and could be fixed when you have time in the intermediate lesson 2.2:

      1. fingering and string crossing exercises 1 week 1; the wrong music notes are showing for ‘2 bow staccato’ that don’t match the track though the notation is correct.
      2. Also notes are different to the track for the 2nd last track. A solution would be to remove the notation/notes altogether and we have to do it by ear – good practice for intermediates!
      3. In the tune Harvest Home, you’ve made a note that the music notation deviates from the track in the beginning of Part B, but also the 2nd last bar of the B part is different to the track – the lesson and notes show the run G E D C# but the track plays it as G E C# E, so it sounds dreadful when we play along with it – it took me a few goes to realise it wasn’t me!

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