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      A brief intro video on how the left hand should properly grip the fiddle neck would be really helpful….things like thumb height, wrist position,do we gently hold it between the thumb and index base? etc. I have watched some random youtube videos on this topic, but would be really interested to see Jason’s crack at one. Think of it as the sister video to how he so deftly explained “how to hold the bow”. I realize there must be some subtle complicating factors based on hand morphology and stuff, but his talent for hitting the salient points and KEEPING IT SIMPLE…which I need and enjoy….would be really useful.

      As a beginner, I would hate to be practicing bad habits. And out here in the boonies I have little access to instruction.


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      I’d enjoy a video on this, too! I’m out in the boonies too, living on a ranch, trying to learn all I can from my FiddleHed subscription. Which is a ton.

      I did see a guy on YouTube mention that the left thumb tip should be just peeking up past the top of the fingerboard, so I try to use that as a rough guideline. And keep my left wrist from ever touching the fiddle.

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      For me, I have long fingers. Sometimes this helps sometimes it’s a hindrance as I’ve noticed on other lessons your not suppose to have you hand palm touching the back of the fingerboard. Yes, I would like to see something about how to position your left hand on the fingerboard.

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