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      Hi all,

      This past Wednesday evening, I got to go to my second ever Bluegrass jam at a local brewery here in Richmond, Virginia. They are held once per month. There were about 10 players, as it was a very cold evening; but about 150 people came out for the beer. These guys (no girls) are very good; guitar players, banjo, bass fiddle and fiddle. This time I chickened out on taking the lead on “Whiskey Before Breakfast,” but I did play I-IV-V backround progressions to “Down in the Easy Chair,” and anything else that I knew or recognized the key they were playing in. With so much backround chatter from the crowd it was hard to hear players announce the key they intended to play in. Still met a couple of new friends and will keep going. It surely encourages more practice, so as not to overly embarrass myself!

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      Jim Guinn

      Sounds like you had fun! I’m trying to find an old time jam that’s not on the other side of my state. I found a couple of websites, but the info is so old with broken links. Filled out contact forms on these websites, but no one has gotten back to me yet. Yes, I would imagine they are a great motivator of practice, too. 🙂

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