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      Jim Guinn

      It’s practice season. As the weather begins to turn to Fall/Winter, I will begin my practicing again on a regular basis. I’ve been “playing” for almost 4 years but have had many “starts” and “stops” to my fiddling, especially seasonal (and some severe shoulder problems). I am pretty good about practicing once the weather turns cold (mainly because of cabin fever), but once the weather begins to warm up, my seasonal business and my expansive gardens seem to take priority, and I practice little. Each Fall, I feel I am starting all over again. But it is what it is. Can anyone relate to the starts and stops?

      I just finished my 3rd article for Fiddlehed called There’s no Time Like Old-Time: A brief overview of old-time music. Jason should be publishing it soon. I hope you enjoy it.

      If you haven’t read my 2 other articles, take a look.

      America Fiddles – The Early Days

      A People’s History of the Violin

      So, let me rosin up the bow, tune my fiddle, and start again. Talk with you all in the forum.

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