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      Question about interval practice: I’m on lesson 1.5 in the interval practice I have such a hard time going from D2 to A2 or D3 to A3, etc. I tried to put my finger on both strings, but it doesn’t seem to land on them right and it feels so awkward. Moving finger back and forth is good practice, but I can’t keep up with the tempo. Appreciate any suggestions. I am loving this site and the lessons. Thanks, from Fumble Fingers!

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      That was hard for me at first too but I just did it as slow as I needed to keep the same pace throughout the exercise. Sorry if that is a “well duh” kind of answer, not meant to be. But I keep playing tunes from the 1.1-1.5 lessons that have challenges like that and I am surprised every now and then that those challenges don’t seem so hard now. I have skinny fingers and can’t do the one finger on two strings thing well either (yet?) not sure I ever will. So I keep working my move from one string to the next. I tried an exercise from a book where you play every note twice and that helped too. Then you go back and play it as written again. I love the site too– tons of fun to be had, and I am very new too! less than a year

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      jason kleinberg

      Hi @roserock123yahoo-com,

      said it well. I would start with mastering simpler intervals, like D2-A0, A2-0. D2-A2 is actually quite hard.

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      Thank you both, I really appreciate the feedback. Hearing that it’s okay to slow it down, and do easier intervals is a relief, even though I’ve heard it before. Sometimes you put expectations on yourself. They sneak up on you.

      Also, I did get notification that you replied in my email and that was really nice. Thanks!

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        Jim Guinn

        Couldn’t agree with you more @roserock123yahoo-com

        As beginners, we need to hear this good advice, and so much more, very often. This is not an easy instrument.

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      Thanks Moonshadows! Love the support in this forum. I’m reading through everyone’s questions tonight and I’m amazed at the lengths people go to to practice quietly, etc. such dedication, because we love the violin, even though it’s hard. I love the sound it makes. Just resonates with me, and with everyone else on here I’m sure. Cheers!

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