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      After singing up for a subscription, I had to log out and then back in before the site allowed me to view the ‘subscriber only’ videos. Not a significant bug, but at first I thought the payment hadn’t processed. Upon logging out and then back in, everything works as expected. I’m a big fan of the backing / drone tracks already!

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      Hi Nick
      Welcome to the club!! I hope you enjoy learning with Jason as as much as I do. I have found a few blips/inconsistencies when navigating around the course but don’t let them put you off, it is worth perservering. I went through level 1 very quickly, treating it as an overview, and now I have gone back to the beginning again more intensively. I found this helped with understanding where the course was taking me, and at the same time understanding how to navigate the blips.

      I am not an expert but I don’t think that is unusual – I have had to log out and then log in again on other sites in order for things to get started – I think it is just the way it works.

      I also like the backing drones, and also how Jason plays the tune to speed and then breaks it down slowly.

      Enjoy Lin

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