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      Nick Wilkins

      Hi Everyone.

      Apologies even before I start for this ‘beginner’ question, but here it is anyway:

      Should I learn a whole tune ‘properly’ before I start on another? Or is it ok [even good practice, maybe?] to have a couple/a few on the go at once?

      My problem really is that the more of Jason’s videos I watch, the more songs there are about which I say “I have to learn that!”

      So right now I have a decent start on Cripple Creek and Wabash Cannonball, but I’ve also written out the Fiddlehed tab for Red Haired Boy and Tennessee Waltz and Hector the Hero and

      How many tunes?

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      Oh my goodness. I did the same thing and am not sure I should have. However, if you are doing well with tone and advancing that quickly who’s to say? Jason has some thoughts on that but I don’t remember where they are located. Many of his videos have asides about learning and personal paths so really it’s all about you and what makes you happy. I couldn’t stop trying new tunes when I first got his subscription. What I see happening during year 2 now is that they are getting easier for sure. I still revisit lessons in Module 1 and there are a few that are still a bit challenging for me in Module 2. Like the 4th finger work. Love Hector the Hero. Just love Irish music!

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      Nick Wilkins

      Thanks again, Kacey; if it’s good for you I’m certain it will be for me also.

      I’m taking that as a green light to keep 2/3/4 going at one time – there’s just so much wonderful music on Fiddelhed – yes, the Irish and also the American, and also I love some of that Jewish music [on my ‘to learn soon’ list]. You see, there’s just too much to wait for.

      Hmm. I wonder if there is great English fiddle music? I’m sure there is [??] but probably I’m just unaware of it.

      Stay safe and take care, and thanks for your reply.

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