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      Hi everybody,

      thanks for all the work being put in all these pages!

      When I tune my fiddle with a 440Hz (A) tuning fork, the D Drones in “Drone central” appear a little flat to me.
      Can anyone confirm or am I just mistaken?

      Cheers, Jan

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      Hey, So I finally had the time to check on this. I used 3 different tune finders and my ear. Granted, this will depend on your own speaker set up for your computer, but on mine the 2 digitals showed about 2-5 c flat, but that is still well within the note bandwidth, my pitch pipe was pretty on the money too. I say this, but I’m still working on my own ear- and I tune my violin with my digital tuner, so I can’t actually say more than that.

      I know this isn’t much help, but if Jason is recording drones by hand and then looping them (and with the fluctuations in the Drone I imagine he is) you won’t get a perfect drone no matter what- too many variables, but I’m just a spectator. I would take the drones lightly- use them at a low volume for a background while you play.


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      Hi Max,

      thanks for checking this out. I guess I’ll just get my ears tuned …

      Cheers, Jan

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      jason kleinberg

      Sorry for the late response. The drones are layers of tones which are hand-recorded. There will be slight fluctuations in the tuning of these notes. Let me know if this throws you off or bothers you. I could easily make computer generated drones rather than playing them on the fiddle. Thanks…

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