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      jason kleinberg


      Use this forum as a way to connect with other online students so you can support each other with tips, encouragement, etc.

      Some ideas:

      • Have a weekly check-in with each other.
        • Did you both meet your practice time goals?
        • Did you both practice the things you set out to practice?
      • Trade videos and recordings of each other.
        • Right now, there is not a way to upload video to the site. You have to upload your video somewhere else (youtube, instagram, etc.) and then share an embed link here. Let me know if you need instruction on this.
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      I am looking for someone to be my fiddle buddy! You know, chat about songs and throw videos back and forth, with the occational FB messenger chat or text etc.

      I’ve been playing for 1 year, and my current song list includes:
      Nothing but the Blood
      Leading on the Everlasting Arms
      I’ll Fly Away
      Revive Us Again
      Faded Love
      Tennessee Waltz
      Ashokan Farewell (A Part only)

      And I am currently inspired to try to learn Maple Sugar and Midnight on the water.

      I am a stay at home mom, and we live on a cattle farm on the AB/SK border. Most of my fiddler “friends” are in their 70’s or 80’s and are MASTERS! I’m hoping to meet some younger fiddlers and are a little more green, like me!


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        Hi Caroline, I just joined, learning how to use the site. One of the reasons I joined was to find a Fiddle community. So where is AB/SK. I am in Mexico.

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        Hi C,

        Are you still looking for Fiddlehed fiddle buddy? Did anyone connect with you yet?

        I’m located in Santa Monica CA and somewhere in the beginner-intermediate stage.

        Really like the tubes you listed!

        Hope you’re well and having a good start of your summer.



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      I’m in McCleary Wa – looking for a practice buddy. Playing fora bit over a year. Would be great to play and practice with another beginner. Pam Sinclair

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        Hi, pamelasn…

        I’m in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island (Island County). I was born in Aberdeen, WA; my folks at that time lived in Ocosta, just outside Westport in Grays Harbor. We left when I was 4 or 5, so I’ve a tiny bit of ‘history’ with your area.

        I’m waiting for my new used fiddle to arrive from eBay in a few days now. I’ve discovered this most amazing site, after searching all around our area for possible instructors. This one is a winner.

        I’d like to hear your experience with the fiddle, and these lessons. I’m a former Idaho Old Time Fiddler member, years ago, played acoustical guitar as accompanist. Now I’m wanting to play fiddle, as part of the ‘bucket list’ adventure. I’m 77, so I’ve got to practice twice as fast (grin).

        Best regards; hope to hear from you.

        Allen (Graybyrd)

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      Hello all,

      I am an older starter 55M self learner for off and on more off than on for 2.5 years HAD a fiddle teacher for close to 6months but had to stop due to my schedule, so I’m looking for someone that will help me keep going in lessons / studies, I use fiddling / violin for medical issue ( depression )

      Facebook messenger is my friend ?

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        Hi I am restarting at 66. Played a little bluegrass about 20 years ago. Open now to learning all types of music. Haven’t found anyone yet in my small community to practice with, then found this site. Looks like we both are looking for motivation?

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        Hey maybe we should start a chat group for more mature fiddlers I’m in between the two of you in age. We we can encourage each other through the challenges of practicing and playing around everything else we have gong on.

        I have elderly parents who I’m trying to support long distance, a full time job and a husband with a crazy schedule.

        I find the twenty minute 1-1-10 practice schedule really helpful to making effective use of my practice time.

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        Hey, I am right there with y’all, i’ll Be 68 in a couple weeks. I just found FiddleHed this summer and other than vacation I have played every day. I had a late start, late 30’s, classical instructor who was awesome, for 8 years but I hit a plateau and couldn’t get through it, got frustrated and quit, picked it back up just every once in a while over the next 25 years. I feel renewed!

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        Robert good to meet you. I started playing in the second grade. The group classes that they teach in school. Classical don’t you know. When I changed schools, I went to private lesson for six years. Youth symphony for four or five of those years. Finally two years in college. Then went on hiatus. Got married, had one kid, he’s awesome, got divorced, went back to school, got remarried… see where this is going… life. Found a suzuki teacher for a couple of year and then a traditional fiddle teach for a couple of more. And a community orchestra. Another hiatus. Then got a frozen shoulder, yep you guessed it PT and a complete change in fiddle posture. Been struggling how to get it all back together again for the last year or so.

        Then I found Fiddlehed, I’ve learned more so much in the last month. The tips and techniques that I was never taugh before. So I may sound like I should know a lot. I am really kind of starting over.

        My fiddle’s going on vacation. We should all stay connected.

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      Hi, I’m Steve, and in the Bluegrass Region, just north of Lexington. Any local Fiddleheds nearby?

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        Hello Steve… I am in Central Kentucky. Live in Frankfort and work in Lexington. New to fiddling… Been doing it about 5 months.

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      I too am from Kentucky Steve but alas, I’m near Kentucky’s Tijuana… West Virginia. Lexington is 2 hours away and I’m a very bad fiddler. Better oldtime banjo and upright bass than fiddle. This is very new to me.

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      Hmm : ) Kentucky Tijuana… made my day,

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      How does an online practice buddy work? I too am looking for a practice buddy to keep me motivated!

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      I’m so lonesome I could cry…
      I’ll be back to join a group soon!

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      Pensacola, Fl area here! Anyone?

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