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      Earl Stewart

      Hey guys,

      If you can use Excel in Micro Office, I’ve found for me this is an excellent to track my progress each week.

      The headers I used were:

      Top days of the week
      Below the day, add the date, skip 2 cells:
      Left headers with a designated time cell for each scale under each date
      G scale
      D scale
      A scale
      E scale
      Next: List the songs your working on and enter the amount of time you practice each one

      At the end of each week total all your times for each category and it’ll give a pretty good picture of your progress.

      For me this works, I hope you find this useful

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      Excellent idea Earl. I love nerdy ways of practice tracking.

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      Maybe you could import it to google docs and then share it with the FiddleHed community. Let me know if you need help with that…

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